Since 2014, Shire Invoice Finance has brought a new and exciting dynamic to the invoice finance industry.

Our approach to invoice finance allows us to create new products giving our customer’s choice and further growth potential.

Based in the Midlands, we are a small business with a large resource of knowledge and experience. We’re passionate about what we do as well as the service we provide. We get to know all of our clients and help them reach their goals. Our aim is to see businesses succeed and to take control of their own future.

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With our customer’s best interests in mind, we’ve selected the funding partners and products we offer.

This careful selection means that we are always giving our customers a quick but efficient and thorough service. We offer a diverse range of products we are proud of.

Being a broker and a lender, we can usually find the best deal for your business. Service is key for us, and we will always try to help wherever we can. We deal in many sectors and this gives us a good idea of what each business needs.

We are also part of Shire Business Group, one of the UK’s leading independent finance companies. The group was formed in 1990, starting life as Shire Leasing PLC. We believe that having separate companies for every type of finance helps us be experts in our field.

For more information on the products we offer, go to our How it Works page.

Our Invoice Finance Team


Alan Rutherford


Alan is on the directors’ board and oversees this company along with other businesses within Shire Business Group. Alan has worked within the finance industry for over 30 years.


Ben Hayward

Sales & Operations Manager

Ben heads up the sales and operations side of Shire Invoice Finance. Having worked in the Invoice Finance Industry for over 10 years, Ben brings with him a wealth of knowledge.


Thomas Bellamy

Sales Executive

Tom works to help and assist new customers in obtaining a facility to assist their company. Tom has been with Shire Invoice Finance since 2015. In this time, he has developed a strong understanding of what customers require.


Katie Daniels

Operations Executive

Katie assists on a day to day basis, with supporting both new and existing clients. She has a background in finance and business. This helps to ensure a smooth day to day operation.

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