As the weather heats up, so does cash flow pressure

 As we enter the summer months, cash flow for many businesses may take a hit. Traditionally, the summer months are when most people tend to use their holiday for the year. This can sometimes lead to slower payments from your customers, as their staff may be away. Some companies will also shut down completely during this period, which again will put a strain on cash flow.

With payments from customers being delayed, cash flow will only become tighter. Costs such as wages & stock will not disappear, meaning you may be in a situation whereby you are short of cash. Even if your customers are away or shut down, your business will still be moving forward.

Invoice Finance is a product which could help you during this tougher period. It allows you to raise funds from your outstanding invoices, and some options come with no contractual tie in. Spot Factoring, in particular, allows you to simply borrow funds from individual invoices. This means you are able to bridge the cash flow gap, without being tied in to a contract.

Whether it is just a problem over the summer months, or cash flow is tight all year round, Invoice Finance could be the solution. Let us know today if you have any questions!


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