Invoice Finance and rising inflation rates

In these uncertain times, inflation rates are rising.  From fuel bills to raw material purchases, all businesses are finding costs increasing, culminating in more cash flow pressures. Many companies are also further extending terms or delaying payments, compounding the problem still further.

Short Term contracts

With costs increasing, most companies don’t want to be tied into long term finance arrangements, where there is a commitment to pay a set amount per month or per year. With our Spot Invoice Finance product, companies are able to reduce cash flow pressure, without being tied into a contract or have monthly minimum fees to pay. This means funding would only be provided when required, with no commitment to paying fees any other time.

Customers extending their payment terms

Many companies are finding themselves in the similar situations, with higher costs resulting in delayed payments. This is having a knock on effect on cash flow, as delayed payment may leave many companies in a position whereby they struggle to pay wages, fuel or other overheads. Invoice Finance can help to alleviate this issue, giving a business the access to the funds that are tied up in outstanding invoices. Whether it is for a short or long term period, Invoice Finance can help with cash flow requirements.

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